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Superman #149

Superman #149

October 1999

1999 Triangle No. 40

Writer: Randall Frenz
Penciller: Ron Frenz
Inker: Sal Buscema

"Who is Strange Visitor?"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Two weeks ago, and aircraft crashed into a forest. But know one died. They walked out of the flames, guided by a glowing angel.

Metropolis: Superman flies above the city and soon helps a group of people down from a burning building. The fire was caused by an explosion and they are happening all over the city. Superman needs to put them out, and fast. Superman wrenches a water tower from it's moorings, blasts a few holes in it with his heat vision and then uses it was a shower to assist the firemen in putting the fire out. As soon as it's done, there's another explosion.

Across the city a robbery is taken place. But the robbers, Dome and his Neo-men are soon having an encounter with... a girl dressed in Superman's old blue costume. As try as they might, the Neo-men are no match for the girl. She is a brave hero but quick to anger (and like most of these modern heroes feels she must say "witty" things all the time.) When she takes on Dome she shorts out a large are of the city, but does uncover a small large headed man inside the robot. She leaves.

When Superman arrives Maggie Sawyer fills him in, and Superman promises to find out who she is.

The girl visits her mysterious "friend" and explains about her power surge when she got angry.

At home, Clark is trying to figure out who the girl is, while Lois tells him Pro Ham called and teases him about his new superminx. Over the next few days, Superman tries to track her down but always misses her.

In a hidden part of the city, a gang chief executes one of his men because he messed up, and maybe betrayed him.

The next day, Clark is still trying to figure it out, when Pro Ham calls. Supes heads over.

In a small Midwestern town, a boy is trying to find his sister. The police seem reluctant to do anything. Imagine his surprise when he sees her on the TV as the blue supergirl.

At Pro Ham's lab, Supes finally gets to meet the girl now called Strange Visitor.

3Story - 3: A nice way to introduce the new character. So often these things are rushed. I loved the way Superman kept missing her, just as Lois did when Superman first arrived in town. Sadly I know who the mysterious "friend" is. If you don't, keep it that way. As I pointed out in the synopsis, the only thing I didn't like was the way she had to be witty all the time. BTW what happened to Outburst?

3Art - 3: Good solid Ron Frenz. I thought I was going to miss him. Funny how things turn out.

4Cover - 4: This is only a four because it copies Superman #123. If this was the first time it had been done - 3.

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