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Adventures of Superman #571

The Adventures of Superman #571

Oct 1999

1999 Triangle No. 37

Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciller: Mike Collins
Inker: Denis Rodier

"Image is Everything"

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

As filming wraps for the day Joe Martin is very distressed. They are filmed his life story, he IS the Atomic Skull, however they aren't following his autobiography, they are completely rewriting his life story and turning him into something he's not. The director hasn't even read the book, as the producer explains, Xavier Cross was employed to up the volume. Above, Superman flies past. Joe Martin is pleased to see him, he stopped him before he hurt anyone. This gives the producer an idea for some publicity.

When Superman arrives home, Lois is on the phone. It's the producer, Mr King. He wants Clark to do a series of promotional articles. Clark agrees to do it, as he points out to his wife whilst they eat dinner, they do need the money.

The next day, Joe Martin, Mr King and Clark meet to view the "dailies", Joe is distressed that they are changing everything again. This time The Atomic Skull is being portrayed as a villain rather than the hero he was trying to be. When Joe tries to argue his case, Mr King simply points out that he signed a contract, and they can do what they like.

On set, "The Atomic Skull" is fighting "Superman", and winning. Again Joe is distressed, this didn't happen!! Suddenly one of the stage lights falls from the ceiling, and if it wasn't for Clark, "Superman" and "The Atomic Skull" would have been killed. Soon everyone is blaming Joe Martin for the accident.

Later, another scene is being filmed in the middle of Hypersector. Mayor Sackett is there to welcome everyone. Again there is another accident. This time Lois is nearly killed by the falling frame that carries the "flying superman". Suddenly Joe turns into the real Atomic Skull and rescues Lois, but in doing so he violates his parole. The police are onto him as soon as Lois is safe Joe takes some of his medication and he reverts to his human form. The SCU investigates the area, and discover the frame was melted by radiation. Superman believes that Joe is being set up.

After a some sniffing around, Lois discovers that Lex is backing the film. Maybe it's a insurance scam. If anyone is injured, Lex makes loads of money.

Next day more filming takes place. A chase scene a helicopter as "The Atomic Skull's" rocket bike. Soon the helicopter starts shooting REAL bullets.

Joe Martin turns into the atomic skull and he gets the bike and keeps the chopter busy whilst Supes finds out who is controlling the remote controlled aircraft. King is found in a lead lined trailer. Sadly, Joe is carted away, but Lex' plan fails, and so as Lois says, paraphrasing The Atomic Skull, "Justice was served."

3Story - 3: At first I groaned when I picked this up. The Atomic Skulls is such a terrible character. Really sad and pathetic. Sorry Louise, but like most of your creations he is the worst. However, the story turned out to be all right. It was certainly different, though I can't see why anyone would want to see this film. Louise actually gave us an intelligent plot, it's a shame Lois and Clark figgered it out so quickly.

3Art - 3: In many ways I liked this art. It was crisp, clear and well defined, but sadly it lack something. The first page was the best, but I think that's probably just the colouring.

3Cover - 3: Why oh why? This feels like two covers on top of each other. The film poster looks good and would have sufficient on it's own, as would the fight. Oh well.

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