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Superman 80 Page Giant #2

"In The Wake of 'King Of The World'"

June 1999

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Artist: Peter Doherty

Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

Reviewer's Note: I have only included reviews of stories I thought were very good.

"Under Control"

A man jumps off of Hob's Bay Bridge, when Superman swoops down and catches him before he hits the water. The man is somewhat annoyed. Why did he have to interfere? Superman offers to talk to the man about his problems, and nips off to get some coffee. The man opens up and tells The Man Of Steel about the events that brought him here - loss of job, failed marriage, kids who have forgotten him.

Suddenly, there's an emergency. Superman takes the man with him first to a burning building and then to a car crash. Here, Supes takes the injured and leaves the man to help a woman who is about to give birth. By the time Superman returns with a doctor the baby is born, and the man goes through a rebirth of his own, leaving with a more happy soul.

5Story - 5: This was one of my favorites in the whole book. Why? Superman has learned from his experience and used it to help others. I love it when Superman leaves the man to deal with the birth.

4Art - 4: Though I wouldn't want it on a regular basis, it works really nicely here.

"From Krypton with Love"

Writer: Mark Millar Art: Sean Phillips

For the most part this isn't so much a story, but rather Lois' feeling about the whole Dominus Debacle. Naturally Lois stands by here man. However, we do eventually see Superman rescue some children (and a cuddly toy) from a burning building. At first the crowd are scared of Superman, but when Lois begins cheering, others slowly begin to join in.

5Story - 5: This is so beautifully written! What's so great is that it gives you an insight as to why this pair (Lois and Clark) are together. It also gives us a real look into Lois' mind. It was wonderful to hear how she loved Clark's laugh, and how she irons his uniforms. This story is for incurable romantics only

4Art - 4: As with "Under Control", the art works nicely here, but on a monthly basis... I love the picture of Superman bringing the children out of the burning fire. My favourite Superman image.


4Story - 4: None of the stories were bad, except for "Who do you trust", which I'd probably give a three. What I've liked about both of the 80 Page Giants so far is the way they are far more character based than the "real" comics. This is what the "real" comics are generally lacking. Obviously all these stories follow a similar vein - the redemption of Superman, so if that doesn't sound interesting then don't buy this. My only complaint was the Wonder Woman story. When did this love stuff all happen?! Apparently in WW #141. This seems like a pretty major thing, so why wasn't it in the Supes comics too?

4Art - 4: The art was generally top notch, though most of it was what I call "stylised" or quirky. As I've said above though, it works.

2Cover - 2: The only real weakness, thoroughly unimpressive, though I do like the layer Superman title.

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