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Action Comics #759

Action Comics #759

November 1999

1999 Triangle No. 42

Writer: Randall Frenz
Penciller: Ron Frenz
Inker: Sal Buscema


Reviewed by: Gareth Baker (

While Professor Ham completes the details of a plan with Kitty Faulkner at STAR labs, Billy tries to talk to his Fiancee - the costumed hero known as Strange Visitor. Billy tries desperately to get his wife-to-be to remember, explaining all about the things they had done together, in none other than, Smallville. However the news just upsets her. Superman tries to comfor t her, but her anger flares and she strikes out at Billy, whom Superman protects, and then sets off after the poor woman. Pro. Ham and Billy run back into Ham's lab, and tell Kitty to get ready. Billy and the professor load up in an anti-grav car and give chase.

When Superman catches up with Strange Visitor and tries to stop her, she lashes out with another electro magnetic burst. Superman is left tumbling towards Metropolis, but manages to regain control just before hitting an office block. Superman comes up with a cunning plan. Superman takes a vortex of water from Hobs Bay and dumps it onto SV. It has the desired effect and drains her powers - for a moment. Strange Visitor punches Superman with an energy fist, knocking him into an old satellite in space. Superman decides that she is strong enough to take it, and so, uses the satellite to ram the woman down into a building site. There, Superman wraps her up in some cable and ties her to a steel girder so that she is earthed and her power is expended. Superman quickly rushes her off to STAR labs.

At STAR a special guest is waiting for her. The Parasite. The Parasite is used to drain off her energy, whilst STAR then drain the energy from him. When the experiment is completed, Billy takes, Strange Visitor away to tell her more of her past. Meanwhile, the Parasite emerges from his cell, and now he has SV's powers possibly making him unbeatable!!

2Story - 2: One of those issues that could have been told in about a third of the number of pages, and to add insult to injury not very interesting either. Is this whole story just to make The Parasite hard? Also, if it was that easy to drain SV's powers, good job no one thought of it whilst Supes had them eh?

3Art - 3: Nice to see Ron back, I quite miss him in a strange way, though Billy seems to have an unusually large head. That new costume thing The Parasite wears looks very bad too.

2Cover - 2: Awful cover. Would have been better if Supes had not been on it at all.

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